The Chinese Artisan Spirit


Today, when everything is fast-paced, Sinowigs does not forget its original intention, insist on Chinese "Artisan Spirit" and at the same time, we are carrying out our own social responsibility and spares no effort to commit to protect the environment, in order to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly company.
Today, when water resources are scarce and the environment is increasingly polluted, the Chinese government pays more attention to environmental protection. In order to support the government’s decision-making and realize our sense of social responsibility, Sinowigs took environmental protection as an important task at the beginning of the construction of the factory.
In cooperation with the Universities, we successfully developed a water recycling ecosystem suitable for the wig industry and constructed artificial wetlands to make sewage far higher than the discharge requirements and can be reused. A good ecological environment is an important foundation for the survival of the nation and the development of the enterprise.

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