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Product of high quality is born of superior raw materials.

Sinowigs is the synonym of best hair quality.

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  • The concept of protecting scales in the whole department.

    The main component of hair is keratin, accounting for about 97%.
    Keratin is made up of amino acids.
    Normally, the water content of hair is about 10%.
    Each hair is made up of hair cuticles, outer fibers, and hair medulla.

  • Then what is the function of hair cuticles?

    Cuticles are aligned outside of the hair in the same direction as closely as armor to reserve the nutrition and moisture. So the hair will be in natural shining and healthy look.
    Dry, dull hair is all hair scales that have been damaged to varying degrees. When the cuticles suffer damages, the hair will be dry, dull and easily broken.


High-end exquisite, fashionable and natural The whole department protects scales

For now, most manufacturers exercise acid bath for hair to remove cuticles and make the final products more silky touch. This operation actually does huge harm on the hair that becomes thinner and easily broken. Besides, the acid residue will impose potential threat on human’s health. 

On the contrary, Sinowigs has improved the technology and inspection process to maximally maintain the cuticles. Acid treatment is replaced with gentle process to protect the original hair structure. Therefore, the finished products of Sinowigs are in more healthier and natural look and can last for 1-3 years by locking the nutrition and moisture inside. 

Sinowigs is mainly engaged in high-end human hair products. From the collection of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, there are 56 elaborated steps involved to protect the original hair structure and provide healthy hair extensions.

Deluxe Line - VI

VI collection is based on superior virgin Indian hair of remarkable softness and silkiness. Indian hair is characterized by its natural waves and shining look so as to easily fit to your own hair.

High-grade Line - VC

VC line is the most hot selling collection. The finished products are in silky straight, natural thickness and tangling free. The raw material is selected from top 20% braided human hair in remote mountain areas of China.

Premium Line - VCII

VCII collection is made of premium Chinese remy hair of no dyeing, perming or oil treatment but with more attractive price. Compared with hair of other Asian countries, Chinese hair is more thick and naturally straight so that it won’t be in wildly curly or fluffy in wet.

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