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Sinowigs conducts in-depth research on wig products according to their characteristics.


In the era of serious homogenization, it is difficult for consumers to detect the subtle differences of the products.

What we need is to provide help to customers, provide effective information according to customer needs, answer customer questions, and leave a professional impression forcustomers.

Be Your Best Ally

You can quickly and easily find the length and color you need according to your needs


Sinowigs will match professional account managers for you to provide one-to-one exclusive services. Sincerity, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness are the service concept that sinowigs have always adhered to. In this whole consultation process, sinowigs will provide you with professional advice to solve your doubts.



Sinowigs have established a sound after-sales system standards, after receiving your complaints and suggestions, Sinowigs will immediately solve the problem for you, in 72 hours to provide you with a solution to solve your worries.

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