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What is sinowigs doing?

  • Customer sample customization

    Committed to meet customer requirements, according to customer samples and requirements of the production of samples, product proofing cycle of 7 days, production speed and quality of samples have been generally recognized by customers.

  • Research and development of automation equipment

    Independent research and development of automatic and semi-automatic equipment, access to a number of patents, reduce manual operation links, effectively improve production efficiency, order delivery time is significantly shorter than the full manual production mode.

The company has a professional R & D team

New Product Development

Keeping pace with the development of the times, focusing on the fashion trend of the international market, developing new products through independent research and cooperation with international well-known universities and universities, with an average annual development of new products.


The Future Trend

1.Quality trend: through the analysis of raw materials, technology, dyes and other analysis experiments to ensure the maximum scale retention and color curing.

2.Color trend: mixed colors and new colors to guide the trend of the market.


Listen to them

Eva Lee

Determined to add new ideas for fashionable women and enjoy the charm of changing styles.

Eva Lee, R&D Engineer
Eva Wang

Strictly control the quality of wigs, determined to provide consumers with the best products

Eva Wang, R&D Manager
Lucas Sun

A high-end brand integrating high-end fashion, pursuit of quality excellence, and perfect product design.

Lucas Sun, R&D Engineer

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