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New Account Application

Thanks for your interest in distributing SINOWIGS products! Here are the application steps:

1. Submit the application by clicking the “Become a SINOWIGS distributor button” below. Response is typically within 1-3 business days.

2. Complete reseller form. Once approved, a follow up email will include a required reseller form.

3. You’re done! An email will be sent with your:

SINOWIGS Professional Login details

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Contact details for your dedicated


Why Become An Official Distributor?

  • B2B Company

    We are a B2B company. All of our products are distributed and sold by industry professionals who create accounts with us. Our primary focus will always be on developing our relationships with stylists and distributors.

  • Spirit of The Craftsman

    While strictly selecting the raw materials, Sinowigs has ploughed the scientific research field of wigs for several years, developed a mild potion formula, summed up many years of production experience, and set up a set of mild and efficient process system.

  • Dedicated Account Managers

    Relationships are important to us. This is why we make sure that we assign a personal account manager for each and every account. All of our account managers are highly dedicated in making sure your business with us is smooth every step of the way.

  • Experts In The Field

    SINOWIGS? is the hair extension brand in the professional salon and beauty supply industry! We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise to better serve your business.

  • Trace To The Source

    Good products start with high-quality raw materials. The source hair of Sinowigs products mostly comes from southwest of China and Indian, where it is spring all year round, with a pleasant climate.

  • Opportunities For Collaboration

    As a stylist or distributor in the SINOWIGS? family, you will come across many opportunities to collaborate with us whether it be for social media or marketing initiatives. We always welcome creativity and new ideas!

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