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Firmly sticks to her faith in providing the best quality hair extension products for global women since its inception in 2004.

However,it turned out the hair market was in huge chaotic. Many family-owned workshops took them presence everywhere with no quality assurance and caused lots of quality problems like dry hair, tangling, discoloring, shedding, etc. Besides, these small seized workshops usually have no ability to provide good after-sale service and eventually led to quite awful customer experience. After aware of the whole industry situation, Sinowigs established her own factory in 2013 and devoted to set up the quality standard for whole industry by providing premium and trendy hair products for all customers free of any after-sale problems.

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Sinowigs is a Chinese company that integrates industry and trade, and produces all line virgin hair extension products.


Company Memo

  • In 2004

    Qingdao Hualitai IMP & EXP Co., Ltd. was launched.

  • In 2006

    The company decided to engage in the trading of hair extensions.

  • In 2008

    The company was enlarged in size and began to enter the market of Japan and Europe.

  • In 2011

    The company sourced the raw material directly and set up strict purchasing system.

  • In 2012

    The company began to develop products based on virgin human hair and take its presence in international exhibitions.

  • In 2013

    Qingdao Hualitai Hair Products Co., Ltd. was founded and grew its business all over European and Russian market.

  • In 2014

    The company expanded a new factory with artificial wetland, developed water circulation system to protect environment.

  • In 2016

    The company set up new product system for different market demands.

  • In 2019

    The annual production capacity exceeded 20 tons.

In the process of my continuous growth

I shoulder more and more social responsibility. We should not only get value from society, but also serve the society. In today's global warming, environmental protection is the responsibility of each of us. I established a water circulation system in 2014 to ensure zero sewage discharge from the factory.

In The Future

I will continue to make unremitting efforts to be product-based, customer-centered, practice-oriented to create more social value, so that each of my users can enjoy ecological hair and create a confident and elegant life.

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