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High-quality Hair Extensions

Pay more attention to the meticulous embodiment of small details. Pay more attention to the meticulous embodiment of small details. The production process of Sinowigsis as high as 56, from finishing and washing wool. Until the finished product is finished, there is strict quality inspection in every process.


Professional machine strict quality inspection, ensure the high quality and high quality of products

Internal inspection and external inspection

The Quality Inspection

The internal inspection is the internal inspection of the department group, and the external inspection is the inspection of the audit department which is specially responsible for the quality control of the company.


In The Production Process

“Innovation and development, advocating nature”, we always follow this principle, treat every product like a treasure, and never waver. Strive to maximize customer needs.

Sinowigs Say

Quality itself is an attitude. Through our own efforts, we will master the skills to achieve the best product quality.

Anna Yang
Anna Yang
Quality Manager

Deploy dyes, make samples, compare colors, adjust dosages, and meet customer requirements!

Amy Bao
Amy Bao
Quality Inspector

The quality of the product is in the hands of each of our employees

Cherry Zhang
Cherry Zhang
Quality Inspector

If you have willingness to learn more Please apply for online inspection of the factory

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