How To Make Reliable Hair Extension Product?


Details decide the quality!
We have a strict quality inspection process
-The inspection after washing quality inspection, check whether the hair is cleaned, whether there is shampoo residue, whether there is anti-hair, etc.
The inspection of grade , check whether the hair is tidy, with short hair, broken hair, split ends.
The inspection after dyeing, comparing the color, and checking whether the hair quality is damaged
The inspection of cuticle, we have professional machines to check whether the hair scales are damaged.
The inspection of devastating, through different degrees of rubbing, pulling, washing times, etc., to inspect the quality of each batch of products.
High-quality Hair Extensions Products pay more attention to the meticulous reflection of small details. Sinowigs has 56 production processes, and each process has strict quality inspection. We always follow the principle of "Advocating Nature, Innovation and Development", and treat every product like a treasure, that is never wavered.
Quality inspection is divided into internal inspection and external inspection. Internal inspection refers to the internal inspection of the departmental team, and external inspection refers to the departmental inspection of the company specifically responsible for quality control.
Sinowigs takes every product seriously,Strictly cautious and meticulous.
All products are derived from nature and are made environmentally friendly.
Every process has a dedicated person for strict quality inspection to ensure the high quality and high quality of the product.
Every product that customers get comes from ingenuity..

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