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10%-15% Virgin Hair

For hair material we set high inspection standard.We are firmly strict with the virgin hair quality.

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  • Beautiful Scenery

    Good products start with high-quality raw materials. The source hair of Sinowigs products mostly comes from the southwest border of China, where it is spring all year round, with a pleasant climate, an average annual temperature of 24 degrees Celsius and an annual precipitation of 1136 millimeters. This is the place where Mengxia grass and trees are dense and dense in spring.

  • Experienced Buyer

    Purchasing personnel are all experienced people with 10-15 years of hair extensions collection experience, their footprints are all over southwest China, only to find the best quality scale braided hair.   After years of procurement experience, they have developed the eye of the industry, can quickly and accurately judge the quality of hair, put an end to bad quality from the source.

High-end and exquisite

The journey of collction sourcing raw materials

Revere Nature Respect Craftsmanship

Dating back to Southwest China and India

Guarantee the source of quality and excellent quality

Virgin Cuticle Hair Products

that is the hair Sinowigs constantly looking for

Raw Material Calssification

This is not only a hair extensions factory, but also a professional hair processing school, each hair carries the glorious mission of creating fashion and self-confidence for users, although they wear cloaks of similar colors, all look black, but in fact, each one has its own unique background color and personality, and it is different after bleaching and dyeing. Sinowigs is based on the educational processing concept of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and personality cultivation over the years. Set up a set of strict grading standards, according to the hair background color, hair quality and other related characteristics, the source hair will be divided into 24 different categories, different grades of hair, so that each strand of hair, can give full play to their own maximum value to create elegance and beauty for users..

We will always preserve

the quality with the heart of pure craftsmanship

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