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Our Promise

  • Service

    Sinowigs has professional PC to provide ffective solutions, adopt 24-hours intelligent order system to timely present order statusand cooperate with branded logistics to ensure fast delivery.

  • Craftmanship

    56 processes, means 56 times of dedications under strict quality standards for each, Sinowigs classify the raw material to 24 grades for different products to ensure the service life and color purity to the best.

  • Quality

    The cuticle rates for our three production lines are over 60 percent. The service life for light color is more than 8 months, and for dark color more than 18 months under good care.

  • Innovation

    Sinowigs established our own professional R & D team with members graduated from well-known universities in China to support customization request from customers.

  • Delivery

    Sinowigs has developed the perfect production system with the annual capacity up to 60 tons. And the delivery time for regular order is controlled within 30 days.

  • Responsibility

    Sinowigs spare no effort to protect the environment and achieve sustainable development.

Video Presentation
Video Presentation

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    Material Inspecting

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    Scientific Grading

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    Bleaching & Dyeing

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    Trends, hairdressing designs, and fashion blockbusters attract the most fashionable people.

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