What is the difference between traditional and digital manufacturing of hair extension products?


Sinowigs is a digital factory, The digital transformation we have done is simply to bring significant benefits to our customers, including cost reduction, improved cash flow, increased flexibility, better inventory management, increased user satisfaction, and reduced obsolescence risk.

The digital factory is based on the Internet of Things, using the full production line automation equipment and sensors to realize system control, realize the digital monitoring of the whole production process, improve production capacity and product quality, and improve the competitiveness of industrial manufacturing. Through online digital data collection and analysis of various production data, timely identify problems in the production process, and inform technical workers to issue solutions on site. The dosage of bleaching and dyeing agents no longer needs to be prepared by the experience of the operator, but the dyeing formula is generated through independent learning of color big data.

Through the upgrade from traditional factories to digital factories, it uses the power of digital technology to increase production capacity, improve production efficiency, shorten production time, ensure stable product quality, customize products faster, and enhance customer service and sustainability. More importantly, it can help customers reduce inventory. By reducing inventory, customers save on storage costs, handling fees, and other expenses associated with holding inventory. Customers can free up funds that can be used for other purposes, such as investing in new products or expanding their business. Customers can respond more quickly to changes in demand or market conditions, thereby remaining competitive. By shortening lead times and improving order fulfillment, customers can provide better service to their own users, increasing overall user satisfaction. With less inventory on hand, customers are less at risk of hard-to-sell obsolete or obsolete products.

Sinowigs is a digital factory, which has become the trend of intelligent manufacturing in the future.

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