Sinowigs Only Produce 100% Virgin Cuticle Hair, No Acid Bath


The structural characteristics of hair determine that it is easily damaged during processing, resulting in a shortened service life, which is a common problem in the industry. Many factories use pickling on the hair to make them smoother, but the cuticles are removed during the pickling process, which seriously damages the hair quality, and the hair becomes thin and easy to break, shorten the life span, heavy post-treatment, and added in the process It contains chemicals that are harmful to the human body. It feels smooth before use, but the hair will become dry and knotted after washing.
Sinowigs draw a distinction between bleaching and dyeing, use cold water on the process with   high-quality treatment chemicals, which can avoid hair damage, extremely reserved the cuticle and ensure that the hair quality is no harmed. Mean while, because the product is rich in cuticle, it can still lock moisture and nutrients, maintain natural and healthy, and the life span can reach 3 years.

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