With Sinowigs, you can no longer worry about delivery


Sinowigs has a perfect order management: professional , visible production time-controlled system, can perfectly make the delivery time clocklike.
Our purchaser is directly at the first-line of procurement to ensure that the raw materials are healthy and low-priced. The factory adopts an international management method to control the whole production process, and a complete training system gives the workers hand-by-hand guidance. We also cooperate with well-known universities and have developed a variety of automated machinery to ensure the efficiency and quality of production.
Over the years, we have obtained a number of patents through independent research and development of automated and semi-automated equipment, which reduces manual operations and effectively improves production efficiency. The order delivery time is significantly shorter than that of fully manual production methods.
Sinowigs now deliver hundreds of
hair extensions products
every day. Looking forward for your contact!

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