What’s the difference between people's hair color and hair texture? It was because of these two things!



Why do some people have black hair and some people have yellow hair? Why do some people get oily when they wash their hair every day, and some people's hair is dry like straw?

To answer these questions, we must first understand the basic composition of hair and the factors that affect hair growth and sebum secretion.

First, the hair is composed of the hair shaft and hair root.


1. Hair shaft

The hair shaft is the part that is exposed outside the scalp, which is what we commonly call“hair”.

The hair shaft is divided from the outside to the inside: the small cortex(the hair epidermis, also known as the cuticle), the cortex(also called the cortex or the hair core), and the medulla(see the figure below).

Cuticles protect the hair against external damage. Usually when the hair is in an alkaline condition, the cuticles will open. It will expand when exposed to water.

With the prolonged exposure of the hair shaft to the environment, the cuticles are continuously subjected to various damages, including physical wear, chemical damage, etc., resulting in different degrees of erosion.

Therefore, the scaly structures on the hair shaft are smoother the closer they are to the scalp, and rougher and less complete the farther they are away from the scalp. Different hair types have cuticles of different shapes, and their firmness and tensile strength are also different.

The cortex is the most important part of the hair shaft. The color of the hair is determined by the type and amount of melanin in the cortex. Melanin is composed of eumelanin and pheomelanin.

Eumelanin is black, while pheomelanin is mainly red. Orientals have rough and hard hair, mainly melanin, so the hair is darker. Westerners have fine and soft hair, and the content of pheomelanin is higher.

Because the amount of pigment and the ratio of pheomelanin varies from person to person, Westerners have a wide range of hair colors, from brown-black and red to blonde and buff.

The main component of the fur cortex is keratin, and the formed fibers are twisted and twisted in a twist shape, which determines the toughness, elasticity and strength of the hair.

The medulla is the central part of the hair, surrounded by the cortex. The medulla is low in sulfur and has a special physical structure that is particularly resistant to chemical reactions.


2. Hairy roots

The root part of the hair buried in the scalp is protected by the hair follicle. The hair follicle is a narrow tube that penetrates deep into the dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

Each hair follicle grows a single hair, and the lowermost end of the follicle swells, called the hair bulb. The bottom of the hair bulb forms a depression, and the depression contains a mass of dermal tissue with capillaries, which constitutes the dermal papilla.

The dermal papilla and the connective tissue sheath deliver nutrients to the hair and produce specific substances to regulate hair growth. If the dermal papillae are destroyed or degenerated, the hair stops growing and gradually falls out.

Within the hair bulb surrounding the dermal papilla are many actively dividing cells, called pilomatric cells, that give rise to the structure of the hair shaft (that is, the source of hair shaft material).

The hair bulb is the starting end of the hair, and there are many pigment cells in the upper hemisphere of the hair bulb, which produce melanin that gives the hair shaft its color.

The sebaceous glands in the dermis also open in the channels formed by the hair follicles, and their main function is to secrete oil to moisturize the hair and scalp. Generally, the hair can be divided into neutral, oily and dry according to the amount of oil secreted.


Sinowigs keep the cuticle in four ways to provide the best quality products for customers!

1.Sinowigs hair raw materials: Virgin cuticle hair:

There are more cuticles in good raw hair, with which the finished products will be much more durable.

Sinowigs choose remote mountainous areas such as Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan of China which are close to Vietnam, Burma as the sources of raw material. All the hair are virgin braids cut down directly, without mixing any other hair. It is more healthier and more natural. The price of raw hair is rising every year, but due to its stable and good quality, we still fix these places for sources of raw hair. Moreover, we only select 20% best braided hair from each origin to ensure the best quality of our products.

2.Strict hair classification:

Sinowigs divides Raw hair into 24 grades according to strict standard, and applied to different products accrodingly. Everyone's hair is different due to the particularity of hair structure. No two leaves are identical in the world, neither does the hair. Some hair can be made into light colors after bleached and dyed, while some will become dry even broken after applying the same production process. Therefore, it is necessary to classify raw hair according to its particularity, dividing which is suitable for light colors, which can only be used to make dark colors, and which can be curled. After plenty of comparative tests, we finally worked out a24-grade principle, which has been carried out strictly.

3.Professional bleaching and dyeing process:

The most complex and demanding process, affecting the final result of products quality directly.

Bleaching and dyeing process is the most complex, which requires workers to be equipped with professional skills. Starting from 2022, Sinowigs has adopted professional bleaching and dyeing equipment, and continuously integrated technologies such as digital acquisition and intelligent analysis into all aspects of the production process. Washing, bleaching, dyeing, fully automatic processing, precise control of quantity, time, and uniformity, efficiency increased by 60%. Automatically allocate color materials, avoid manual batching errors, minimize color difference, and ensure multiple orders for one color.And SINOWIGS separates bleaching and coloring, and introduces high-quality treatment chemicals that prevent hair damage and increase its longevity. The dyeing agent uses dyes for human hair, which are safe and harmless to the human body. The color is mainly gray and cold, luxurious and high-end.

4.Manual Washing

100% manual washing method, each bunch of hail will be washed more than 6 times.

Before production, all raw hair will be washed in purified water of 40C ,then washed with shampoo at least 6 times, till all he dirt is cleaned up. Moreover, after the hair is washed, hair conditioner will be applied to keep cuticle closed, in case of any damage when combing the hair.

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