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High-quality real human hair production materials are the basis of high-end hair products, but from the perspective of the raw material market, the industry of wigs has the following characteristics:
1.The grade of raw materials lacks standards, and even adulterated behavior. To purchase high-quality raw materials, you need to have a deep understanding of raw materials;
2.From the perspective of supply and demand, it is a seller's market, and the purchase price changes with seasonal changes; taking Chinese hair as an example, natural scale-preserving hair that has not been permed and dyed is very rare in the entire raw material market, accounting for only 10%-15% of the entire market;
More than 90% of domestic factories do not purchase raw materials directly from the raw material market, but through hair distributors, so they cannot control the quality of raw materials.
With many years of experience in direct raw material procurement, only purchases top 10%-15% of the highest-quality hair, non-iron-dyed, scale-preserving braided hair on the market;
Before the raw materials are put into the warehouse, the wool quality (5-step method), moisture content (<5%), and the raw wool that meets the requirements are long and heavy, and then put into the warehouse, and those that do not meet the requirements are returned;
Rich experience in grading raw materials, dividing raw materials into 9 grades to ensure that suitable raw materials are used for suitable purposes;
There are stable sources of raw materials and purchase channels to ensure the continuity of raw material supply and quality stability.

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