What kind of hair extensions do consumers like?


 A white-blonde over 22 inches long, with plenty of scales and glossy, silky hair is what consumers want, right?

There are some stark contrasts between the cuticle of healthy hair and the cuticle of damaged hair:Structural form: Hair cuticles are composed of protein keratin in the epidermis of the hair, and they cover the hair surface like scales. The cuticle of healthy hair presents a flat and smooth shape, which can effectively protect the internal hair structure and moisture. Damaged cuticles can appear rough, cracked or flaky, which can leave hair without its protective layer, prone to dehydration and damage.

Moisture Content: The cuticles of healthy hair can be tightly packed together to form an effective barrier that prevents the loss of moisture from the hair. Damaged cuticles are prone to cracking or flaking, allowing moisture to escape easily, resulting in dry, frizzy and brittle hair.

Glossiness: The cuticles of healthy hair are flat and smooth, which can reflect light, so that the hair presents natural luster and silky texture. The damaged cuticles may be scattered and reflect light poorly, leaving the hair in a rough and dull state.

Elasticity and softness: The cuticle of healthy hair can keep the hair soft and elastic, while the damaged cuticle may cause the hair to become rough and easy to tangle, losing its original softness and elasticity.

One of the keys to healthy hair is protecting the integrity of the cuticle from damage and flaking. Some effective methods include using shampoo products that are suitable for your hair texture, avoiding frequent heat treatments and using excessive chemical hair dyes, etc.Use sinowigs hair extensions, it will become your own hair, let's take care of it together.

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