Can I Have Hair Extensions On Broken Hair?


Not everyone who comes for a hair extension will have perfectly healthy hair. However, this is not to say that they are not suitable for hair extensions.


When it comes to hair health, it is necessary to consider each client individually. You have to assess the quality of your hair and decide if your hair's health problems might be worsened by extensions.

In our client's case, a section of her hair was damaged because she often wore her hair in a ponytail. She worries that extensions will make the problem worse, but she wants to make her hair longer and thicker.



First, it is necessary to determine the cause of the broken hair and make an informed decision about whether a hair extension is the suitable choice and which type of hair extension works best. It is clear from discussions with clients that the hair has broken due to the pressure placed on the hair when the ponytail is regularly tightened. We can safely assume that the breakage is isolated from this area based on this information alone. If the client advises that the breakage is due to over-treatment of the hair, other areas of the hair may be very weak, in which case any type of extension is not recommended until the hair is in overall good condition and has improved strength.


Because breakage is due to the way the hair wears down, we're sure that extensions are good for our clients, in fact, it may help improve the health of broken hair because of the temptation to pull hair back into a ponytail would no longer be there.


When considering which type of hair extensions a client should use, we know we need to avoid broken hair. Since we would be missing a large section, we needed a way to get around a section easily without making the hair look thin. We chose tape for this reason, as the dense width of each piece would hide missing hair sections.


We will install extensions for our customers in the usual way, however, when we reach the broken area, the pieces were strategically placed above and below the broken hair so that the air does not appear to be thinning, but the damaged hair is no further compromised.


The finished look allows our clients to perform long hair extensions, but fully conceals the broken parts, allowing them to heal throughout the extension period.

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