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We are in the process of pursueing  beauty and young


The hair is beauty of spirituality, like dancing

Full of vitality and tension,

It is changed and lovely,

And it is irreplaceable fashion.








DO you know wel l about hair products you are using now?




• 100% healthy pony tail


• Gentle treatment to ensure healthy products


• Cuticles remained with inner moisture and nutrition locked


• Environmentally friendly ingredients


• last for 1-3years





Most of hair products  are treated with heavy chemicals during processing,  cuticles are removed to 

avoid tangling, but the shortcoming  is  obvious,  hair structure is seriously damaged , 


so the hair is easily broken and tangled , which brings shorter life. 






SINOWIGS abandons traditional process and  adopts unique technology to keep original hair cuticles 

with very gentle treatment,  

ensure no damage on the hair structure, still locks inner moisture and nutrition . 

Our hair products are just like your own hair, 

more healthy and natural, brings you unprecedented  fresh  experience, it can last for 

1-3 years depending on different colors.




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